Cross Country Code of Conduct


  1. Arrive at every practice and meet ready to listen, learn and work hard.
  2. Be supportive of every athlete on your team.
  3. Help others to achieve their goals … work hard to make the team better.
  4. Show respect to all.
  5. Learn the rules of the sport and always compete by them.
  6. Use only appropriate language … let sportsmanship prevail.
  7. If you have tried your best … you will always be a winner.
  8. Have fun!


  1. Model good sportsmanship. Cheer for everyone … celebrate every success.
  2. Place your athlete’s well being above the desire to win.
  3. Support the coaches and officials who are working with your athlete.
  4. Demand a drug, alcohol and tobacco free environment.
  5. Participate in the lives of your athletes. Volunteer where needed.


  1. Place the well being of all athletes first.
  2. Remember that you are a youth coach and we do what we do for our athletes.
  3. Do your coaching at practices, not at meets.
  4. Teach sportsmanship and fair play.
  5. Show respect and courtesy to all.
  6. Teaching honest effort is more important than victory.
  7. Organize practices that are fun and challenging.
  8. Know the rules of each event, and teach them.

Lake Cities Tolerance Policy

To ensure the safety of our athletes, Lake Cities Cross Country enforces a zero tolerance policy toward behavior that is unsuitable for team athletics. While coaches will teach and supervise practice sessions, athletes are responsible for safe and appropriate behavior. It is expected that athletes will come to practice with a willingness to learn, work hard and maintain a positive attitude. Coaches and team officials are present to instruct, not baby sit. If there is a problem, the athlete may be asked to sit out the remainder of practice. Coaches have the authority to expel any athlete for inappropriate behavior, i.e. fighting, inappropriate language, poor sportsmanship, bullying, etc.